ATV Ride In Pattaya

ATV Ride In Pattaya

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About ATV Ride In Pattaya

ATV ride tour is a bike riding tour arranged for the visitors looking for the zeal of discovering new routes and experiencing the excitement of overcoming the challenges of difficult trails on difficult terrain. The rides are run over a distance of 27 kms and 34 kms for both beginners and professional riders alike. Even kids above 4 years are allowed on the track. The tours are arranged for a course of 120 minutes divided in four sections. In the first set visitors would be taken through the deep sandy mud trails, it would be followed by a refreshment break. On the second set of off-road trail riders would pass the challenges of steep slope and the deserted quarry for a good half hour. In the third set of rides visitors would be taken closely along the farmland plantations and wildlife and lastly, through the elephant Buddha, the Thailand polo club, and then back to the base. With a scrumptious meal after a tiring day, the trail would be called off.


Why Book ATV Ride In Pattaya?

The ATV ride tour will help the visitors experience the glorious off-road trails of challenging hills, steep slopes, mud laden roads and dense forests. Not only the experience would be filled with fun but also challenges that the riders would try to overcome while making their journey more fascinating. The tickets for the ATV ride tour can be booked online in a highly comfortable manner within a few clicks. The cancellation and refund policies are designed to make it easier for the aspiring riders to book for an amazing experience quite comfortably.

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  • Experience the thrill of exploring the difficult tracks on your own in the dense forests of Pattaya.
  • Ride the powerful higher cc engines of Polaris machines imported from the USA - the ATV rides.
  • The rides are designed and specially curated for both beginners and experts by keeping all the security concerns in notice.
  • Choose either a 27 kms or 34 kms trail as per your interest amidst the beautiful landscapes, mighty hills, and splendid forests.
  • Even children of age 4+ years are allowed to ride ATV bikes and Buggy Karts.
  • The rides would last for 120 minutes with an additional 40 minute meal break.
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Available ATV Ride Options

In order to make the ATV tour in Pattaya more and more accessible one number of kinds of ride options have been designed. Let’s have a brief look at these various options.

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ATV Ride In Pattaya
ATV Passengers (27 Kms Tracks)

Go ahead with the thrilling off- road trails and stunning countryside in Pattaya on rental Polaris USA and CF MOTO 330cc to 570cc ATV Quad bikes. The track would be 27km which would be perfect for Novice riders. To ensure a safe and informed trip a 10 minute welcome briefing about the track is done by the organisers as well as a 10 minute tuition at an awesome ATV practice track is provided. The ATV ride tour would have a 40 minutes food and refreshment break, which would be included in the tickets only. The morning session would be between 10:30 AM-13:30 PM and the afternoon session would be between 14:30 PM-17:50 PM

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ATV Ride In Pattaya
ATV Passengers (34 Kms Tracks)

The novice riders would be taken on a 34 Kms long trail on the meandering routes amidst the jungles along the countryside. The 120 minute long trail would take you through the spectacular scenic off-road trails. In order to set-off on the trail passengers must be minimum age 4+ years old. They would have enough time to take dozens of photos and take meals being provided by the organisers during the 40 minutes break. It should be noted that the schedule is subject to change depending on traffic and weather conditions on the day of your activity.

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ATV Ride In Pattaya
ATV Drivers (27 kms Tracks)

The track has been designed for novice riders who have just been introduced to ATV bikes and don’t have any prior experience with them. There is even an onsite practice warm up track where the tours are started with briefing professional safety and through driving tuition. It’s advisable for the novice riders to get familiar with ATVs and Buggies on onsite warm up tracks. The 120 minute long trial would take drivers and passengers through the difficult tracks where one would face obstacles and try to overcome them. The trail would set off in the morning and afternoon at 10:30 AM and 14:30PM, respectively.

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ATV Ride In Phuket
Buggy Kart Driver (27 kms Tracks)

Join fun seekers on this amazing ride on buggy kart ride trailing off the countryside. Get the opportunity to drive a 660cc Monster buggy kart by procuring one on rent for a distance of 27 kms. This 2 hour long track would help you enjoy the beauty of Pattaya, go to the undiscovered places on your own and feel the excitement of discovery of new places. To drive these monster buggy karts the drivers need to be of 15 years old at least. A guide would take you through the route all along to ensure safety.

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ATV Ride In Pattaya
ATV Drivers (34 kms Tracks)

This 34 Km long Ultimate Tour is for the riders who already have some prior ATV riding experience. These long and challenging tracks require more and more technical knowledge to overcome the obstacles. The ATV ride tour will extend upto 3 hours out of which 2 hours would be dedicated for the trail and 1 hour to take rest and enjoy the beautiful scenic trails at the end of the destination. The drivers would also enjoy a free meal of soft drinks, fruits, beef, chicken or veggie burgers, fries and salad arranged by the organisers.

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ATV Ride In Phuket
Buggy Kart Driver (34 kms Tracks)

Set yourself off on this thrilling adventure of riding the Buggy Kart through the off-road scenic trails in the jungles of Pattaya. Start this trail at either 10:30 AM in the morning or at 14:30 PM in the afternoon as per your convenience, after practising at the awesome ATV Practice track. A guide would help you along the challenging tracks and the possible obstacles during the ATV ride tour. The menu of refreshments and the trail schedule are subjected to change as per the season, weather and traffic conditions on the activity date.

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ATV Ride In Phuket
Buggy Kart 4 seat (1 Driver 3 Passengers 27kms)

Take your friends and family on this 120 minute long trail for a distance of 27 kms. Rent a 1500cc 4 seater Family Buggies, the drivers must be 15 years old while the passengers should minimum be of 4+ years. The organisers also provide a facility of shared transfer, which also includes the option of an early or late pick-up is allowed as well. The passengers sitting on the Buggy kart should be of minimum 4+ years.

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ATV Ride In Pattaya
Buggy Kart 4 seat (1 Driver 3 Passengers 34kms)

If buggy kart rides excite you with all the thrill of a bumpy ride on mud laden unequal challenging tracks, then come over to enjoy the experience with other thrill seeking friends or acquaintances of yours. This two hour long journey would bring absolute adrenaline rush by trailing off amidst the routes covered by dense canopies

This 34 km track would require to brave the obstacles of the trail with the support of their closed ones and help you learn the life lesson of keeping yourself calm and composed even during the most challenging times.

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Why Experience ATV Ride In Pattaya?

ATV Ride In Phuket
  • Enjoy the first off-road phase of ATV bike riding and trail through the deep sandy roads.
  • The organisers arrange for a 10 minute warm up track to introduce them to the controls of ATV bikes and Buggy Kart
  • If you find the riding experience enjoyable then set off on the second phase of riding through the challenging hills and dense canopies.
  • Have light snacks amidst the splendid lush-green plantations and save some time to take pictures.
  • Take a 35 minute ride through the farmland plantations and wildlife.
  • Delight yourself with a succulent meal before being dropped off to your accommodation.
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Know Before You Book ATV Ride Tour In Pattaya

Essential Information
Safety Tips

Duration of Activity- All the rides be it of beginner or of the professionals, longs for 2 hours and the journey takes around 3 hours. It also included a scrumptious meal break.

Best Time To Experience- The trail of ATV ride tour are organised in two sessions, First session timings are 10:30 AM to 01:30 PM Second session timings are 2:30 PM to 05:30 PM One can take the morning trail to avoid the scorching heat of the afternoons and it would serve as the best time to enjoy the rides.

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How long should one spend riding an ATV Bike?

As per the schedule released by the ATV ride tour organisers, the rides last for 2 hours which happen in two sessions. One in the morning at 10:30 AM and another in the afternoon at 02:30 PM.

What makes ATV Riding so famous in Pattaya?

The ATV rides in Pattaya have been arranged for beginners and professionals alike, not only adults but also kids can board the rides as passengers if 4+ years, 15+ years kids can even drive the ATV bikes and Buggy Karts. The rides would take one through trails across difficult terrains. All the activities are performed under the watch of a guide. All the mentioned factors, together make the ATV riding so famous.

What is the best time to experience ATV Bike Riding?

The sessions of ATV bike riding are arranged twice a day, First session timings are 10:30 AM to 01:30 PM and theSecond session between 2:30 PM to 05:30 PM. The best therefore is to start trail in the morning when there would be less heat and trial routes would look fresh and challenging.

Can we book an ATV ride in Pattaya online?

Yes, tickets for an ATV ride tour can be booked online. Online booking would be more convenient, easy and hassle-free, visitors would be able to avail huge discounts as well. The confirmation mails of tickets are sent within hours after a successful payment. The confirmation and cancellation policy are highly convenient as well.

Can we carry Kids with us while doing ATV Riding?

Yes, kids are allowed to participate in ATV riding. The only condition regarding their participation revolves around their age, kids above 4+ years are allowed on the ATV tour. Children above 15+ years are even allowed to ride bikes and Buggy Kart.

Will we be provided with all the safety kit necessary for ATV Bike Riding?

Yes, all the necessary equipment required to ride ATV bikes and Buggy Karts like helmets, elbows and knee pads, etc., are provided by the organisers of the tours. A guide will also accompany the riders to help them trail through the track smoothly.

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