Elephant Village Pattaya

Elephant Village Pattaya

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About Elephant Village

The Elephant Village Pattaya Tickets are a great way to explore the sanctuary for the former working elephants, where they now feel at home and comfortably live. The sanctuary was established because of the diminishing habitat of the elephants and to provide these magnificent creatures a safe haven. The Elephant Village is a very unique experience for the visitors and also helps in protection of the hard working animals.

Visitors will get to indulge in various amazing activities and programmes in the Elephant Village tour. They can choose to trek through the lush green landscape and jungles on the back of an elephant and experience the thrill of an elephant ride. Riding the elephants is not the only activity at the village as guests can even enjoy the thrills of ATV rides or enjoy a relaxed ride of the ox-cart. Another major part of the experience is the elephant show in Elephant Village Pattaya.

These shows include a training routine and a parade of these intelligent creatures in addition to some other tricks and stunts. They even play basketball with their trunk, and the site is extremely lovable. The village also has its own mini zoo, which is home to various animals, birds and reptiles liek snakes. Visitors can also indulge in rafting and visit the Thai Silk House, a place that demonstrates the journey of Thai Silk and silkworms.


History Of Elephant Village

Elephant Village Pattaya

The Elephant Village was founded in 1973 by Khun Phairet, an elephant keeper who has worked with these majestic creatures for the last 49 years. Khun Phairet came up with this idea of creating a sanctuary for the overworked, sick and injured elephants, who would previously be working at various places. The Elephant Village offers these elephants proper care and attention with the staff of around 100 people. Khun Phairet has made it his mission to work for the benefits and wellness of these loving, intelligent creatures who are struggling with their health and wellbeing.

A unique experience for both the creature and those who visit them, the Elephant Village Pattaya Tickets include access to the various activities that Khun Phairet himself has created and nurtured at his village. Visitors can watch an Elephant show that includes the various activities of an Elephant's day and learn about these fascinating animals. This unique experience attracts people from all around the globe, and this in turn also adds to the contribution for their well-being.

While in the old time, elephants could work in timber factories and get enough for their survival, times have changed now. Domesticated by lack of work, the elephants in the region were fighting for their survival. The Elephant Village provides them a home, and Khun Phairet has always ensured they are treated well by the trainers and the visitors alike. The village has many activities lined up for guests, like elephant ride, ox-cart ride, rafting and the popular elephant show.

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Activities In Elephant Village

The Elephant Village Pattaya Tickets provide guests with the opportunity to explore the various interactive and entertaining activities. The village is home to around 30 Elephants and these elephants spend their day taking part in different shows, rides, feeding sessions and more. Apart from the activities based on the magnificent creature, there are also various other sources of entertainment at the sanctuary.

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Elephant Village Pattaya
Elephant Ride

The visitors get access to the amazing experience of Elephant rides in their Elephant Village Pattaya Tickets. Visitors get to enjoy a ride of approximately 45-50 minutes through the lush green landscapes of the jungles near the village. During this time they can capture a lot of scenic views and enjoy the giddy feeling of enjoying an elephant ride. The village does not allow more than 2 people at a time on the elephants. The return to the Elephant Village is covered by a Land Rover instead of the elephant, and during their short trip they also make a stop at the Thai Silks. The ride takes place 4 times a day, with the first slot being at 9 AM.

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Elephant Village Pattaya
Elephant Show

The Elephant show was specially curated by the owner and founder Khun Phairet, who has trained the elephants on his own too. The Elephant show in Elephant Village Pattaya is the entire routine of an elephant throughout the day. With the day beginning at the Elephant bath then continuing to feed them, this activity opens further with their training sessions, a parade and also sometimes includes them playing football or basketball. The guests will also get a chance to play tig of war with the majestic creature. The show then further continues to war drums and a very vibrant ending with some amazing stunts.

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Elephant Village Pattaya
ATV Ride

Driving an all terrain vehicle through the muddy roads and lush landscapes of the Elephant Village is a very amazing experience. Visitors will get tow different options to choose from. The packages include different ride times and one package has additional places to cover around the Elephant Village. The visitors will be guided by an expert trainer before handing them the reins of the vehicle. Get the adrenaline pumping, as this unique experience is definitely going to be the highlight of the tour of the village.

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Elephant Village Trekking

Visitors will love exploring the greenery and beautiful area surrounding the Village. As they take a ride on the elephants of the village, they will get a fantastic view from the top. In addition to this guests will also get the chance to include ox-cart ride in the trekking experience. Upon their return after three and a half hours, guests are treated to lip smacking home cooked lunch/ dinner. They also can catch a special jungle show that is scheduled for twice a day, at 10:30 AM in the morning and 4:00 PM in the early evening.

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Elephant Village Pattaya

The Elephant Village has its own lake which provides the backdrop for an amazing rafting experience. Guests love to sail in the midst of the beautiful scenery and enjoy the stunning location of the lake. The water babies especially love this activity to enjoy at the Village, and they even get to feed a large catfish that lives in the lake. This is an amazing group activity for the entire family/ friends group to enjoy together at the Village.

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Elephant Village Pattaya
Ox-Cart Riding

There are pathways spread across the entire Elephant Village. The village does not preserve elephants only, as it is also serving as a spot for learning about Thai culture and various experiences from the past. Ox-cart rising keeps alive the traditional cart of Thailand, and also the ancient mode of transport prevailing. Taking a slow paced ride in the natural atmosphere and scenery is a very calming experience. This also lets guests enjoy the lush greenery of the Elephant Village.

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Elephant Village Pattaya
Thai Cultural Show

The Thai Culture Show is entwined with the Elephant show, as it is a part of it. The cultural show reflects upon the duties and skills of a Mahout and how the elephants are trained by them. The show further unfolds as guests witness an elephant parade with riders dressed in authentic Thai clothes. Several dancers perform the authentic dance of Thailand. Guests also witness the war drum beats, as the procession walks in the middle of the crowd. Enjoy the grand ending to this show with stunts on the elephants

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Elephant Village Pattaya
Pre-Wedding Shoot

Pre Wedding Shoots at the Elephant Village are a fantastic experience for couples. Those looking to try something new and unique will definitely love this place, especially if they are nature lovers. Standing in the midst of such lush landscapes and then surrounded by free roaming elephants creates a perfect backdrop. Get the best pre wedding pictures with your partner, as the waterways and trees work their charm for the camera alongside.

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Elephant Village Pattaya
Visiting Lord Ganesha Museum

The Lord Ganesh Museum is home to many magnificent and amazing idols of the Hindu God Ganesha. In addition to this, the museum also houses idols of Lord Shiva and Hindi goddess Parvati. The museum imparts knowledge about his life story, tales, and excerpts from epic books of Hindus. This museum at the village is of great religious and cultural significance.

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Why Book Elephant Village Pattaya Tickets?

Elephant Village Pattaya
  • The Pattaya Elephant Village is a rehabilitation centre for the magnificent elephants that once worked in timber factories. Visitors contribute in the efforts to keep these animals in their natural habitat and look after their health.
  • It is a great experience for the entire family to enjoy together, as they explore various activities at the Elephant Village.
  • Get up close with the intelligent animals and enjoy feeding them with your own hands.
  • The Elephant show provides a great day of entertainment as the visitors can follow them throughout their day of activities.
  • Riding the majestic elephants through the lush green landscapes is a surreal experience that should not be missed.
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Know Before Book Elephant Village Pattaya Tickets

Location: 48/120 หมู่ที่ 7 Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

Timings: 10 AM - 5 PM

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit is early hours in the day, when the place is less crowded and guests can catch all the parts of the Elephant show. There is also an elephant ride at 9 AM for guests to enjoy upon their visit.

How To Reach: The Pattaya Elephant Village is located at a 10 minute drive from Pattaya. Guests can hire a taxi or cab from Pattaya town to the Elephant Village.

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Tips To Visit Elephant Village

Elephant Village Pattaya
  • Try to book your Elephant Village tickets online to ensure you do not stand in queues or wait for long periods.
  • Wear comfortable clothes as you will be out in the open under tropical sun for a better part of the day.
  • Do wear an appropriate amount of sunscreen to minimize sun damage and avoid sunburns.
  • Carry a water bottle along with you so that you do not get dehydrated during your tour of the Elephant Village Pattaya.
  • Do not feed the elephants anything without the permission of the staff.
  • Wear comfortable footwear to be able to walk around all day. It is advisable to wear good shoes or sandals instead of flip flops.
  • Make sure to use all the safety gear when enjoying the thrilling experience of ATV rides.
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Can Kids Take Elephant Rides in Elephant Village?

Yes Children of all ages can take the Elephant rides at the Elephant Village. Although, it is without a doubt clear that they should be accompanied by an adult for their safety and a carefree, comfortable experience. Kids above 4 are charged half the price of adults while kids below 4 get free entry to the Village.

What makes Elephant Village so popular?

The Elephant Village is a unique experience for tourists from around the globe. A safe place for overworked animals, this place provides them with freedom and a beautiful life in their natural habitat. Visitors get to take a close look at their lives, feed them, enjoy rides and also watch an exciting Elephant show at the village. In addition to this, the Elephant Village also has various other activities that attract tourists to its lush green landscape and stunning scenery.

What is the best time to visit Elephant Village?

The best time to visit the Elephant Village is during early hours. The Elephant show begins in the morning and guests can catch the show from the start. They can also take the opportunity to feed these animals at a very relaxed and calming pace. Also, an elephant ride scheduled in the morning will ensure that guests can enjoy the ride with a more pleasant climate compared to the noon or afternoon heat.

Are outside eatables allowed inside Elephant Village?

No, outside food is not allowed inside the Elephant Village. This is a precautionary step taken to ensure that guests do not feed the animals anything other than their natural diet.

How long should one spend in Elephant Village?

It is advisable to spend at least 2 hours at the Elephant Village. Depending on the type of Elephant Village Pattaya Tickets, visitors can explore and enjoy various activities at the Village including elephant rides, elephant show, rafting, ath rides and much more.

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