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About Flyboarding In Pattaya

A Pattaya tour is incomplete without the experience of an unreal feeling of freedom and thrill that will give you enough goosebumps of being in the air and in the water at the same time. Take yourself to this relative newbie in adventurous water sports by dropping flyboarding Pattaya tickets in the cart. The magic of the game lies in a powerful jet spray attached to your feet that takes you to command over the water and comes gushing out of it so that participants actually rule all the three elements- land, water, and air. Do not limit yourself from hovering over the water, diving in it, and experiencing all types of twists and some backflips too! Ask your companion to click and shoot videos whilst you are ruling the water and upload them on your social media accounts for a round of ‘wows’! Get your adrenaline rush pumping while you literally fly over the water even if you don’t know swimming, the international-level instructors will teach you how to be king/queen of the flyboard. So, what are you waiting for? Just hover yourself like a bird on the flyboard when you are in Pattaya and get ready to dive like a dolphin!


Why To Book Flyboarding In Pattaya?

Water tourism in Pattaya is one of the most-tried things and flyboarding grabs the top position always because of its newbie nature and thrill. Because of the mandatory safety guidelines followed and all updated equipment are roped in, the Flyboarding in Pattaya is always on the hit list of tourists. To make it happen, advance booking the tickets of flyboarding in Pattaya is a wiser decision. Ditch the hassles like waiting at the ticket counter for your turn, ambiguity about the timing and location, and many others and just be crazy for this one-of-its-own excitement.

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  • Hover the flyboarding in Pattaya and fly like a bird for 20-minutes above the Gulf of Thailand!
  • Defeat the gravitational theory and rule the water with the power of jet spray under the guidance of an internationally-certified instructor.
  • Ask your companion to match the timing and click the photos when you experience the twists, tricks and even back-flips!
  • Fight over the water, learn some basics to control this device to get a command over water and be in the air and water at the same time!
  • Explore Pattaya’s natural richness – lined along with the sandy and clean beaches against the horizon!
  • Keep your adrenaline rush alive to enjoy this ultimate fun experience by following all safety measures!
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6 Safety Tips While Flyboarding

As it is an adventurous water sport with medium difficulty level, it is always better to look and follow the safety tips so that you can enjoy the sheer joy of this amazing experience. Even though it is unlike the other extreme activities which require special skills to ride on flyboard, there are some genuine parameters that can keep you safe and ensure the guaranteed fun, after all, you have invested your hard-earned money for tickets for flyboarding in Pattaya!

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Like any other water sport, swimming is considered a prerequisite for flyboarding. Be frank with your instructor when he/she asks about whether you know swimming or not. Knowledge of at least basic swimming helps you to eliminate the fear of water. But even if you are not, not to worry! Just follow the instructions given by your instructor and you will be able to hover the board after a few attempts eventually!

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Age is just a number for this activity and does not impose any barrier but to ensure safety, authorities have imposed an age limit of 12+ to become eligible for this exhilarating activity. Your young mind and physical strength can encourage you to follow this wonderful adventure. No matter whether you are experienced or a novice boarder, flyboarding in Pattaya welcomes you with the same warm gesture. Children below the age of 18 years require a compulsory accompaniment of a guardian.

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Avoid Intoxicants

Consuming any type of intoxicant including alcohol before you hit the flyboard is strictly prohibited. As many visitors may not be able to balance while they are on the flyboard, the substances in intoxicants will make it tougher to tackle the balance. To have a safe flyboard experience, a perfect balance is a key that can be achieved if you are in a non-alcoholic state.

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Flyboarding in Pattaya

Weight of the participant plays a significant role as balancing is an art in this sport. Do not hesitate to ask the flyboarding company about weight limits as flyboard of different companies bear different capacities. Many have certain limits where some are allowed to rule the flyboard regardless of weight of the participant. Normally, it is easy for the person below 120 Kgs to ride the flyboard and manage the balancing. Sometimes, the flyboard cannot take much weight above the specified weight limit and may cause trouble for the participant.

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Flyboarding in Pattaya
Safety Gear

Before riding the flyboard, it is important to check whether all safety gears are properly put up or not. Regardless of age, safety measures and equipment have to be abided by, like safety boots, helmet, and a life vest jacket. Safety boots will help you to maintain your balance while you are hovering over the water and a helmet and jacket will prevent accidental damage. Always consider the safety gear as a necessary prerequisite especially if you are trying this adventurous water sport for the first time.

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Follow Instructions

No matter whether you are riding a flyboard or opting for any other thrilling water sports, it is a primary step for all to give all your ears to the instructions. Instructors are well-trained and are well-aware of all types of risks involved, so participants must pay close attention towards each instruction given by them. Instructors have long experience and are well-versed with international-level training so the guidelines set by them are actually manual for the participants. Don’t forget to look for qualifications and certifications while choosing your instructor. Getting trained by experts who have aquatic certification will always double the joy of thrilling water sports like flyboarding along with safety.

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Know Before You Book Flyboarding In Pattaya

Location & How to Reach
Best Time to Visit

Location- Starting point of the flyboarding in Pattaya is located at: Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

Timings- Flyboarding activity is open on all days from 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

Round-trip transfers are included in the flyboarding Pattaya tickets on a sharing basis from your hotel in Pattaya City and flyboarding station. Else, if you want to roam alone, then the only option that remains is hiring a taxi.

Taxi You can hire a private taxi from Pattaya which will take around 15 minutes’ drive to reach the 17 km distance of Bang Lamung district where the flyboarding base station is located .

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How much time does it take to complete the Flyboarding activity?

Entire flyboarding activity is 20 minutes of which 5 minutes are for instruction sessions and the rest 15 minutes are dedicated to the sheer, out-of-the-world experience of flyboarding.

How high will I fly and how deep will I can go underwater?

Fly 2-4 meters over the water but if you are a proficient player, then you can even raise the bar up to 15 meters.

Do we need to get a madecal checup before doing the Flyboarding activity?

No, there is no need for any medical check-up before doing the flyboarding activity but normal temperature checks are done before boarding activities.

How much does it cost to do a flyboarding activity?

Set yourself on the board for 20 minutes by booking tickets for Flyboarding in Pattaya at just 7699 INR or 3532 THB per adult.

Is Pattaya is the best place for Flyboarding?

Yes, not only the excitement and sheer joy but the safety, availability of the right equipment, and guidance of good instructors attract millions of tourists to go for flyboarding in Pattaya.

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