Ko Phai Island

Ko Phai Island

Known For Its Breathtaking Beauty And Glistening Beaches
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Ko Phai Island Overview

Ko Phai is a group of islands located in the easternmost part of the country of Thailand, around 21 kilometers from the city of Pattaya. It is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and glistening beaches. The few islands in the Ko Phai group include Ko Klung Badan, Ko Luam, Ko Manwichai, and Ko Rin. The magnificent coastline is a haven for beachgoers and sunbathers. Remember that while you can visit Ko Phai island in Pattaya during the day, you must exit the coastline before the sun sets.Although the archipelago is abandoned, frequent cruises to Ko Phai island are offered to visitors to Pattaya from across the world.

The picturesque location, also known as Bamboo Island, is identified by a lighthouse that is situated on the island's highest point. It is also very important to be aware that the Royal Thai Navy is in charge of monitoring activity on Ko Phai island, so you should act with caution there. Koh Phai is the ideal hideaway for hikers or tourists looking for some tranquility and peace away from the noise and bustle of Pattaya as it is adorned with small rocky mountains, deserted beaches, and natural locations.

Why Visit Ko Phai Island?

Ko Phai Island
  • The largest island in the chain of islands—which includes Koh Man Wichai, Koh Luam Noi, Ko Luam, and Koh Klung Badan—is Phai Island, also known as Kho Phai island.
  • This majestic island is constantly being watched over by the Royal Thai Navy and visitors are not allowed to stay here after sunset.
  • Koh Phai, the largest island in the group, has a lighthouse at its highest point which makes it stand apart from the rest.
  • The main attractions in this area are its glistening beaches bejeweled with coral reefs and white sands around it.
  • Swimming and snorkeling would be the perfect recreation activity to try here for adventure seekers.
  • Hin Klang, an unique coral garden located nearby, is a fantastic destination for nature enthusiasts.
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Things To Do In Ko Phai Island


Ko Phai island is a site that catches your eyes for hours with views both inside and outside the water. This island is very quiet so everything from Snorkeling to fishing to relaxing on the beach is fantastic. Snorkeling is among the many water activities that tourists can enjoy in the calm shallow harbor and beautiful weather. You have the option of experiencing it alone or taking a boat tour with 20 to 50 other individuals.

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Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving

Coral reefs adorn the waters of this stunning island and thus scuba diving is recommended to enjoy the vibrant underwater life. This scuba diving experience is a one of a kind activity that visitors will remember throughout their life. Take the diving adventure to explore the former Royal Thai Navy vessel that sank in January 2003. The ship was used during World War II and was purposefully abandoned at Ko Phai island's 30-meter-deep ocean. This stranded ship, the HTMS Khram, is said to have been enveloped by a dive site just off the coast that can be explored under the expertise of a professional diving instructor.

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Know Before You Visit Ko Phai Island

Ko Phai Island

Essential Information

  • Please strictly adhere to the directions provided by your tour guide as the Royal Thai Navy continually monitors and supervises the island.
  • Take your food and water bottles with you because Ko Phai island does not have any restaurants, bars, or clubs.
  • You can stay on the island for the day, but you must depart before the afternoon light fades.

Location: About 21 km west of Pattaya

Best Time To Visit: Due to its favorable and pleasant weather, November through February are the best months to visit Koh Phai. Make sure you plan to leave early in the morning, enjoy your day, and return before sundown because you can only stay on the Ko Phai island for a short period of time during the day.

How To Reach:

By Boat: You can take a boat to Koh Phai, which is around 20 kilometers off the west coast of Pattaya. Get in touch with charterers and easily book boat rides along the beaches in Pattaya, it will take you around two hours to explore the island. At Bali Hai Pier, you may also buy a ticket for a speedboat ride.

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Ko Phai Island FAQs

What is special about Ko Phai Island?

The amazing, clean beaches, lengthy stretch of coral reefs, and sun-kissed, white sands make Ko Phai island in Pattaya famous. For adventure seekers, swimming and snorkeling are the perfect recreation activities to try here. The beach is a great place to spend some time alone and rejuvenate the body and mind as it is not that crowded.

What is the best time to visit Ko Phai Island?

The best time to visit Ko Phai Island is early in the morning. Enjoy your day there and leave before sundown because on one is allowed to stay on the Ko Phai island in Pattaya after sunset. It is accessible all year long, but if you want to take advantage of the pleasant and cooler weather, schedule your trip between November through February.

Are there any water activities on Ko Phai Island?

Snorkeling is among the various aquatic activities that tourists can enjoy in the calm shallow harbor and beautiful weather of Kho Phai island. Additionally, you can take pleasure in scuba diving to view coral reefs and a former Royal Thai Navy warship from World War II that sank in January 2003.

Why is Pattaya famous?

Pattaya is famous for its beaches and various popular attractions that symbolize the culture of Thailand. These include the majestic Buddha temple, the Floating Market, its exciting nightlife, and the numerous water parks and sports. Beaches in Pattaya are the ones that draw in the most visitors as they offer some exhilarating sports like Jet skiing, scuba diving, flyboarding, bungee jumping, etc.

How to reach Pattaya?

By Air: The U-Tapao Airport, located 30 kilometers from Sattahip, is the closest airport to Pattaya. Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok is another airport that receives the most travelers. It is 120 kilometers away from Pattaya and is reachable via reasonably cheap taxis.

By Road: Bangkok is 147 kilometers—a two-hour drive—from Pattaya. To travel within Pattaya and Bangkok as well as between the two cities, one can rent a car or book a bus.

By Train: By rail, Pattaya is well connected to Bangkok. Between Pattaya's main train station and Bangkok's Hualamphong Station, a daily train service runs.