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About Legend Siam

Legend Siam is the largest cultural theme park built in Thailand that extraordinarily portrays the cultural and historical legends of ancient Siam. You will witness art, tradition, architecture, craftsmanship and lifestyle through various events. It houses an amazingly crafted, large sized copper statue of Lord Indra, the king of the Tavatimsa Heaven riding Erawan, the elephant god. The statue is designed so intricately that it’s impossible not to appreciate its beauty. At the mini Theme park in the premises, sit on the ferris wheel at night when its beauty multifolds under the lights glowing it up.

The attractions of the park are the three shows or exhibitions put up as Bhumi Pan Din, Siam Vilize and Thai Aarya show. Here the visitors are introduced to the Thai civilization's iconic legends in different periods through a spectacular showcase. Bhumi Pan Din displays the legends of national glory like Sri Pathumma The Nakini Queen. At the show of Bang Rachan the heroes of the legends are revived through exciting live action stunts. Siam Vilize takes one deeper into the culture of Siamese civilization through a range of products made in the traditional style. Do book your Legend Siam tickets, to embark on your journey to this most remarkable tourist destination of Thailand.


Why Book Legend Siam Tickets Online?

To enjoy the cultural experience at Legend Siam park, book your Legend Siam tickets online to enjoy a hassle-free, time saving and convenient experience. Various payment methods allow for an easier and quick process, while availing a number of discounts to make the tour even more affordable. A number of options for cancellation, refund and payment methods are available as well. After booking your tickets online at a huge discount get the confirmation tickets via mail.

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  • The Legend Siam in Pattaya, is Thailand’s first and largest cultural theme park.
  • Witness the rich and diverse cultural history of iconic legends of Thai civilization over the years.
  • The three fantasy areas of the ‘Legend Siam’ are- Bhumi Pan Din ( a perfect representation of national glory), Siam Vilize (curated Siamese civilization style) and Thai Araya ( representing Thai civilization).
  • The two spots of attraction in the Legend Siam are- Bang Rachan and, the tallest giant in Thailand.
  • Various clothing, souvenirs, handmade jewellery pieces, decor items are available for buying at Siam Vilize and Thai Aarya.
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Interesting Things Of Legend Siam

There are two amazing and interesting sites at Legend Siam namely as Bang Rachan and the tallest giant in Thailand. At Bang Rachan one gets to know more about the cultural history of the city through the sacrifices made by soldiers. Visitors would marvel over the tall statues of guarding gods of a temple called ‘giants’. Let’s look at these two sites briefly.

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Legend Siam
Bang Rachan

The Bang Rachan Camp is an imitation of the ancient camp and a place of great historical importance. The camp has been built in honour of bravery and sacrifice made by the Thai heroes while fighting against the tremendous Burmese army. The brave soldiers could endure eight Burmese attacks for five months before being conquered. The Historical Centre has three exhibition rooms; where room I displays the stories of Khai Bang Rachan and ancient utensils. In the adjacent room II is exhibited the heritage of Sing Buri while room III displays the way of life of commoners of Sing Buri and their precious things.

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Legend Siam
The Tallest Giant In Thailand

The belief of “Giant” which is a type of human being has been inspired by Brahmaninsm and Buddhism. The Giants are usually built outside the doors of the temple or a stupa, to protect the buildings from demons and as bearers of heaven on earth. The two giants guarding the gates of Legend Siam are Yak Tosakan and Yak Sahatsadecha. They both are the tallest giants in Thailand, with more than 15 metres of height. Yak Tosakan is a green giant with 10 faces and 20 arms, it symbolises all the power to kill while Yak Sahatsadecha is the ruler of Pang Tan.

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Attractions In Legend Siam

Legend Siam
Bhumi Pan Din

It highlights the national glory in the sacrifices of brave soldiers in wars, culture and traditions. Sri Pathumma The Nakini Queen- She is the wife of Sri Suhto the great Naka, the god only fulfils the wishes that do not harm others. The god and goddess are so generous that they fulfil every demand related to fortune, work, career, love, etc,

Bang Rachan- the heroes of the legends are revived in this exciting live action stunt show. The show is also about the moving history, sacrifice and unity of the people of Siam.

The Thai way of Farming- The agricultural philosophy of the late king Bhumibol is well cherished and remembered. The body of water built in the style of the Thai number 9 is surrounded with dense forests at one end and vast paddy fields on the others. One can also learn how to grow rice in the demonstrative rice fields.

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Legend Siam
Siam Vilize

The history of Siamese civilization curated all at one place to let visitors have an amazing experience. At the clothing store of Rong Pha and Marum, discover the local textiles designed with local wisdom and international quality put on display from all over Thailand. Relax your body with a massage at Huththa Thong. Taste the wonderful herbal Thai medicine at Asura Osot and Osot Siam. Check out Sala Coco to discover a variety of processed products from coconuts. At jarus buy yourself some exotic handmade jewellery pieces and modern products reflecting the authentic Thai styles, check out at Sa Na Jun for amazing souvenirs. The village also has luxurious handbags curated with an ethnic cultural touch for sale at Albedo.

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Legend Siam
Thai Araya

Let visitors immerse themselves in the beauty of the culture of Thai civilization. Place the Mawina fish spa on the top of your list, where one can enjoy while relaxing their feet with fish spa. At ubon ratchathani buy yourself some products, handwoven loincloth (a traditional cloth worn around the hips) and other processed products. Visit the store called Samut Sakhon to look out for sophisticated art created by artisans specialised in Benjarong (multicoloured) ceramics. The beauty of these multicoloured ceramics is a treat indeed.

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Know Before You Book Legend Siam Tickets

Legend Siam

Location- 139 Moo 8 Sukhumvit rd, Tambon Na Chom Thian, Amphoe Sattahip, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20250, Thailand.

Operational Timings- 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM, everyday while last admission is taken at 6:15 PM.

Best Time To Visit- The place is very less crowded during weekdays, especially during the morning hours. It’s therefore advisable to visit the place during weekdays in morning hours. The place looks more amazing when lit up during the evening, therefore one can consider visiting the place during evening as well.

How To Reach-

By Bus- Board Bangkok Sattahip bus at Bus Terminal Ekkamai and later on take a taxi to reach the destination of Legend Siam. It would be inconvenient to reach from this route because there are many connections. By Taxi- It is a better option to visit by personal car or taxi which is conveniently accessible through Sukhumvit road.

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Tips To Visit Legend Siam

Legend Siam
  • To keep yourself hydrated do carry water bottles, as one would require to roam around the park to enjoy its beauty.
  • Carry some caps or cotton cloth stalls to keep yourself covered and protected off the heat.
  • It’s advisable to wear comfy sports or casual shoes and comfortable clothes as one would require to walk a lot on this trip.
  • Don’t feel as if the shopkeepers in the premises are exploiting you by charging high prices. Because the products are handcrafted they are naturally priced high.
  • Keep an ID card for identity proof along with your Legend Siam tickets.
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How old is Legend Siam?

The cultural theme park of Legend Siam Pattaya was opened in 2018, as one of the newest kinds in Pattaya’s tourist attractions.

What is special about Legend Siam?

Legend Siam in Pattaya is a cultural theme park built over an area of 100,000 square feets which introduces the culture of various civilizations of Siam to the visitors. The park is divided into 3 zones according to the way of life. Bhumi Pan Din, Thai Aarya and Siam Vilize which have a number of shops of a variety of products. It also has activities arranged for the purpose of recreation. The Legend Siam tickets are highly affordable as well.

What is the best time to visit Legend Siam?

The park is open throughout the week between 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM. The best time to visit the park is during morning hours to avoid crowds and enjoy the place without any rush. One can also consider the evening hours to visit the place as when the place is all lit up it looks strikingly beautiful.

Do I need to book in advance to get an entry into Legend Siam?

One can avail Legend Siam tickets offline, but it’s advisable to book the tickets online in advance to avoid the hassle of long standing queues. Advance booking would not only save you time and energy but also allow a highly convenient experience. One can avail heavy discounts on prices during advance booking through online means. Do check out the policies of refund, cancellation and options of online payment while booking the tickets.

How good are the services inside Legend Siam?

The services provided inside Legend Siam are of superior quality, it has been called Thailand's world-class tourism city destination. It's a one stop destination to explore ancient culture, shopping handcrafted goods and an amazing site for recreational purposes.

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