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About Pattaya Tiger Park

Dare yourself to beat the tiger-phobia in your Pattaya tour by taking a ride to Pattaya Tiger Park. A heart-pounding encounter with big cats is one of the not-to-miss things while in Pattaya. From young cubs to fully grown tigers surely expect some genuine love from you; and in return, they pour the same by giving you a chance of cuddling, hugging, and feeding them. This is a completely unimaginable and one-in-a-lifetime experience where you not only watch these largest cat species in front of your eyes but go beyond that to have a rare encounter with them. This is the hottest destination not only for kids but also for all age groups where the long-time desire of playing with tigers like our pets is fulfilled.

You don’t need to restrict yourself to watching these ferocious animals observe just from outside the cage in a very pitiful condition. Instead, make an advance booking for Pattaya Tiger Park tickets, look at them in their natural surroundings, how they play, how they splash water on each other, how they take naps or even roar!


Why To Book Pattaya Tiger Park Tickets?

Enjoy your Pattaya tour without any hassles by making advance bookings of all destinations. Pattaya Tiger Park is surely the not-to-miss item in the Pattaya itinerary for everyone. Book tickets for Pattaya Tiger Park online to avail of several benefits and offers. Avail the tour at discounted rates so that a tight budget doesn’t ruin your mood. Get the instant confirmation on ticket booking and reserve your energy for your ensured time slot. Cut off the waiting time, instead utilize the time for taking some selfies outside the park!

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  • Go and grab the rare chance of playing with big cats in the natural environment by buying Pattaya Tiger park tickets.
  • Get a chance to come up close with a family of tigers, even cubs and feed them with your hand if they are hungry.
  • Take lots of selfies inside a cage with unchained ferocious felines and get lots of wows for your hugs, kiss, and play poses with them!
  • Beat the fear of Tigers under the supervision of a professional trainer and show some true love to these most-cited wild animals inside their territory.
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What Can You Do In Pattaya Tiger Park?

We all know tigers are the largest cat species in the world that can be easily identified with their vertical stripes and orange fur. You can add an exciting experience of being too close to the real tiger to touch and cuddle them by booking tickets for Pattaya Tiger park! Reach there and find out how they live, what they eat, and pour some genuine love over them. Round off your trip with a sip of coffee and a memento.

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Pattaya Tiger Park
Find Your Ideal Partner

Once you buy the Pattaya Tiger Park Tickets, you will be oriented to select a perfect match from the different sizes of tigers! Children of age 15 and below are allowed to choose cubs of tigers and be an adorable match for each other. These cubs vary in size from smallest (2-5 months), small (6-12 months), medium (13-18 months), and big (19-36 months) where prices increase with the size of cubs. You can customize your package if you want to interact with 3-4 tigers of different sizes.

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Pattaya Tiger Park
Touch A Tiger And Feed It At The Same Time!

You must have watched that tigers are carnivores, which means they eat only meat. But here you can feed milk to the cubs of tigers. Get a cub on your lap, pet it, feed the milk. Level up your experience level with a thrilling experience of having a young version of a tiger in your lap. Enjoy their adorable and kitten-like cuddling with these cute brats of tigers. All these activities are accompanied by a trainer who will guide you how to approach the tiger, how to behave, and other instructions that strictly need to be followed.

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Pattaya Tiger Park
End Your Excursion With A Cup of Coffee And a Memento

Round off your amazing trip with either a full-fledged lunch or a sip of coffee at the park’s café Amazon. Enjoy the sips of coffee by viewing the freely roaming tigers around from a short distance. Pay some additional pennies apart from Pattaya tiger park tickets price to take stuffed tigers as momento with you from the souvenir shop.

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Pattaya Tiger Park
At The Park's Buffet Restaurant, You Can Eat As Much As You Want

It is obvious that you must be hungry after the tiresome walk all around the park, and looking for a place where you can claim your appetite. Don’t need to go far, the part buffet restaurant will serve you unlimited Thai food and selective international dishes. For your kids, there are Spaghetti, stir-fries, and noodles to satisfy their little hunger.

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Pattaya Tiger Park
Observe Them Roughhousing In a Pool!

You must have heard that they are the only members of the cat family who love water and often cool off in the pools. If you are still afraid of getting close to them, then it is best to watch them in the pool. Here, you can check their false eyes behind their ears. Click tons of pictures of splashing water and playing with each other that will remind you of their kindness and natural innocence. You will end with a great experience that will make you worth every single penny spent on Pattaya tiger park tickets price!

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Pattaya Tiger Park
Take A Group Selfie or A Selfie!

Do you know Pattaya tigers have become pros at posing for photos? Yes, they have cute and photogenic features which can be proved when you get loads of likes and heart emojis for your clicks along with them! Click them in any of the poses- yawning, laying around, standing upfront, napping, all pics will give you the best of them! Accompany them in the photos and try several poses like cuddling, feeding, patting in an individual or group selfie.

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Know Before You Book Pattaya Tiger Park Tickets

Essential Information
How To Reach

  • Location: 349/9 Moo 12 Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

  • Timings: Pattaya Tiger Park is open on all days from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM. It is recommended to book Pattaya Tiger Park tickets 24 hours prior to travel.

  • Best Time to Visit: Months falling between November to February are considered as the best time to visit Pattaya Tiger Park as the atmosphere is pleasant. Even though the park is open from 9.00 AM-6.00 PM, make sure you land yourself before 12 noon with advance booking for tickets for Pattaya Tiger park so that you can avoid the rush and can explore the park without much disturbances. Also, the animals are fresh and active in the morning sessions so you can expect proactiveness in the morning sessions while interacting with them.

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Pattaya Tiger Park FAQs

Can a tiger attack in Pattaya Tiger Park ?

There are strict safety measures followed by the Pattaya Tiger Park staff to ensure the safest trip to visitors. Despite this, yes there are some rare incidences of attacking tigers. To avoid this, it is strictly recommended that visitors follow the guidelines stated by the staff.

What is unique about tiger park Pattaya?

Pattaya Tiger Park is the place where one can see humans and big cats living together peacefully. This place differs from other zoos where visitors can see the animals behind the cage or from a distance and here you can actually touch and interact with tigers closely.

Is there an age limit restriction to book tiger park tickets?

No, there are no restrictions on age on booking Pattaya Tiger park tickets but yes, children aged 15 and below, having heights shorter than 160 cm, and guests with physical disabilities are only allowed to play with the smallest tigers.

Do we need to book advance tickets?

Yes, making online booking of tickets for Pattaya Tiger Park gives you instant confirmation and slot availability at a much-discounted price. Also, you can skip the time of waiting and directly land inside with mobile tickets.

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