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Silverlake Vineyard Tickets

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Silverlake Vineyard Overview

Silverlake Vineyard is located at the base of Khao Chi Chan, also known as Buddha Mountain, in Pattaya's Chonburi province. It has recently become the leading tourist destination in the Pattaya region, attracting a large number of people. The vineyard got its name from the silvery appearance of the grape farm in the sun, which glittered above the big reservoir. Silverlake Vineyard serves as a producer and distributor of red, rosé and white wine, along with a variety of grapes related products such as jams, pies, and snacks.

The winery at Silverlake Vineyard Tickets is a great place to learn about the winemaking and storage process, including fermenting tanks, bottling machines, and some extremely huge oak barrels. You can also taste different types of wine in this vineyard. The buildings, inspired by Italian architecture, classic statues, fountains, windmills, and colourful flower beds make it a famous tourist destination. Silverlake Vineyard Tickets also include a restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Thai cuisine in addition to a variety of western meals. It is a beautiful destination to tour in an electric tram, with a calm environment, and to spend a few pleasant hours and have lunch while enjoying views of the rural, mountainous terrain southeast of Pattaya.

Highlights of Silverlake Vineyard

Silverlake Vineyard Tickets
  • Silverlake is an easily accessible location that offers scenic views via an electric tram ride through the vineyard.
  • Enjoy a free bottle of grape juice while sampling the product and purchasing several grape varieties and grape goods.
  • Learn about the entire process and culture of cultivating, and marketing these grapes, wines, and other items.
  • It offers a wonderful backdrop for photography with its gardens, fountains, statues, windmills, and Italian architecture.
  • Silverlake Vineyard provides a tranquil atmosphere, superb meals and drinks, and views of the rural, hilly environs, making it one of the best places to watch the sunset.
  • You can see the massive 109-meter golden Buddha figure engraved onto the mountainside at Khao Chi Chan.
  • Silverlake Vineyard hosts concerts with music ranging from jazz, and pop to rock for music enthusiasts.
  • Silverlake Vineyard tickets also offer the opportunity of hosting private events such as weddings, conferences, and parties, with a variety of sites to choose from.
  • A convenient set of packages for obtaining tickets for Silverlake vineyard is available, along with affordable rates and offers to explore Silverlake.
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Available Silverlake Tour Options

The online purchase of Silverlake Vineyard tickets is a straightforward and effective way to secure a convenient day and time for your visit. The advance booking of tickets for Silverlake vineyard through online mode will also get you discounts and other benefits according to the offers available. The booking is mainly divided into three packages.

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Silverlake Vineyard Tickets
Silverlake Vineyard Tour

This is the one hour basic package available for the booking of Silverlake Vineyard tickets. This package provides you with a guide to help you, who will give you information regarding the place and answer your queries. The package also includes meals with a complimentary bottle of wine, a visit to the grape juice plant sightseeing spots, and an electric tram journey through the vineyard. You can click pictures in the lush greenery of the grape plants with your friends and family.

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Silverlake Vineyard
Vineyard Tour + Wine Tasting

This one hour and 30 minutes tour package option for the booking of tickets for Silverlake Vineyard. The guide will go into the history of wine and how it is made as you visit the grape juice plant. The highlights include a journey through the vineyard, scenic locations, a grape juice factory, a tour of the winery, and meals with a complimentary wine bottle, and red and white wine tasting. This tour will allow you to get tons of photos in the wine cellar as well as grape plants.

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Vineyard Tour + Wine Tasting + Thai Lunch and Drinks

This is the exclusive 2 hours tour package for booking Silverlake Vineyard tickets. The authentic Thai lunch, a complimentary bottle of grape juice, and tasting the red and white wines, along with 3 drinks per person and snacks, are the highlights of this package. You will also get a guide who will take you to the vineyard, winery, sightseeing, wine cellars, and grape juice plant. Not only that, the guide will also provide you with all the information related to this vineyard, you can also ask questions to him.

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Explore the Silverlake Vineyard

The Silverlake Vineyard tickets become valuable due to the services that you receive. This is a delightful location with vineyards, magnificent Italian houses, and interesting tourist opportunities. The high quality wines and dishes served here are indeed a reason to book tickets for Silverlake Vineyard.

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Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya
Italian Style Buildings

Most tourists book their Silverlake Vineyard tickets to enjoy the Italian vibe of the place. The Italian building, the "Villaggio," with a Tuscan-Italian touch, sells fresh grapes, grape jams, pies, juices, and jellies. The restaurant here is also built as an inspiration for these buildings. Cafes like ‘Vino Villaggio’ and "Movie Café" are known not only for their services but for their aesthetic outlook as well.

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Silverlake Vineyard Tickets
Tour of the Vineyard

The large grape vineyard and the journey through it by electric tram are the main attractions for the tourists who book their Silverlake Vineyard tickets. The guide will detail the features of the vineyard, and proper halts will be given at the spots that are worth sightseeing during the tram journey. You can enjoy a 30 to 45 minutes tour of the vineyard with its scenic views. You can also get some amazing photos in the lush greenery of this vineyard.

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The Wines

The farm-fresh fine quality wines are a major centre of attraction of the place. The exclusive set of packages provides enough chances for the enjoyment of these varieties of wines. Silverlake Chenin Blanc, Rosé Grande, Shiraz Private Reserve Red, and Chardonnay are some of the wines available for tasting and purchase. The production and marketing of wines, along with the tour of vineyards, wineries, grape plants, and wine cellars, are indeed great things to experience here.

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Food, Drinks and Shop

Silverlake Vineyard tickets became the best decision as you will get to enjoy the superb food court for people who have arrived hungry, with a range of Italian coffee, Thai cuisine, and western dishes at reasonable prices. The wines on offer are among the best produced in Thailand, and they are available in the shop with other grape-based products such as jams, jellies, and more. The red, rose, and white wines, along with other varieties, are sure to be a delightful experience.

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Know Before You Visit Silverlake Vineyard

Essential Information
How to Reach

  • Location: 3162 Moo 7, Na-Jomthian, Sattahip District, Chon Buri 20250, Thailand

  • Timings: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

  • Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit is when the weather is cool and dry season, from November to April, is the best time to visit Silverlake Vineyard, as temperatures are more comfortable, there is less rain, waterfalls are in full flow, and most activities are available, including the Harvest Festival in March.

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FAQ's of Silverlake Vineyard Tickets

Do we need to book in advance for Silverlake Vineyard tickets?

Yes, the tickets for Silverlake Vineyard should be booked online in advance. While booking, you can choose the package among the given and pay accordingly. This is to ensure the services during your visit. Booking advance online tickets to the Silverlake vineyard will help you to customize the services you want to enjoy during your visit to the place.

Do we need to purchase separate Silverlake Vineyard tickets for Kids?

Yes, Children over the age of 12 are considered adults and need to buy a regular ticket. But the toddlers aged 0 to 2 and under 100 cm can join the tour for free.

Will I get discounts on booking Silverlake Vineyard tickets?

Yes, booking your tickets online from us will provide you with many offers and discounts that will make your tickets affordable. It is always advisable to book your tickets online to get instant confirmation of your booking.

What is the best time to visit Silverlake Vineyard?

November to early April is considered the best time to visit Silverlake Vineyard. More specifically, the early morning and evening hours make it the best picturesque destination.

What is special about Silverlake Vineyard?

Silverlake Vineyard is more than a vineyard, it is a complete entertainment hub. This Tuscan-style winery is furnished with cutting-edge Italian equipment to create wine and juice, making it more attractive to tourists.

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